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Liebster Award

The lovely Marcella nominated me for a blog award – the Liebster Award. It was a little while ago, so I apologise about only getting round to writing this post now.

I have to answer some questions she asked on her blog and nominate some bloggers of my own. So here we go!

Nadia’s Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? I had another blog a long time ago and I realised I missed it, so here I am!

2. Phobias? Spiders, ewww, they make me feel sick.

3. Costa or Starbucks? Neither really, I don’t drink coffee or tea so these places are wasted on me.

4. Superstitions? I say hello to cats, and magpies, don’t open umbrellas indoors or walk under ladders and I have been known to pick up pennies in the street.

5. Favourite song? errmm, not sure, there’s so many I like. But ‘Ampersand’ by Amanda Palmer is definitely up there.

6. Party or stay home? Stay home and party in my pjs 🙂

7. Single? Nope, live with my long suffering boyfriend, Cal.

8. Favourite lush product? Celestial is my go-to moisturiser, although I love a lot of their products.

9. Junk food junkie? Nope, clean eating and looking after myself at the moment means no junk food.

10. Heels or flats? Flats, I can’t walk in heels, ever seem a video of a newborn giraffe, staggering about? That’s me.

11. Pet peeves? I live in London, we get a lot of tourists, they walk incredibly slowly and clog up the pavement, I wish they wouldn’t, I have places to be!

Ok, so I need to pick someone to answer my questions.

I nominate: DorkchopsEverything Nadia and Beauty and the Mechanic

Here’s your questions girls.

1. Favourite food?

2. TV show of the moment?

3. Desert island beauty essentials

4. If you were putting together a beauty box – what 3 items would you most want to be in it?

5. Favourite book?

6. Heels or trainers?

7. What’s the one place on your bucket list you’re determined to visit?

8. Short nails or long talons?

9. Pets?

10. What are your new season colours?

11. Where’s Wally?

Ok, so there you go. Pass it on. 🙂

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