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Mortarboards and gowns

Today, Callum, my boyfriend, finally graduated with his Masters degree in psychology.


We went to the Barbican arts centre in Central London for the ceremony as he did his degree with OU. It took him 6 years part-time while working, training and playing sledge hockey with team GB.

I like to tease him because I did my Masters in a year while working and found writing my dissertation exhausting. He didn’t have to do a dissertation for this.

I am really proud of him for keeping with it even when they changed his course twice, and he struggled with the sheer cost of it all.

He looked very fetching in his blue robe, shaking hands with dotcom millionaire, chancellor of the OU Baroness Martha Lane-Fox, who gave a somewhat rambling speech advertising the OU to people who had just graduated!

Actress and baking goods businesswoman Jane Asher was awarded an honourary degree for her charitable work for the National Autistic Society and Parkinson’s Association, and she also made a speech that could have done with an edit.

My hands ached after clapping all the new graduates off the stage and I was glad to escape the Barbican (a place I ordinarily enjoy being in) for the streets of the City of London.

We went for dinner in a slightly eccentric restaurant, that I’m sure had moved further away, despite being exactly where I remembered it!

Now we need to find another space on the wall for his certificate (mine aren’t on display, I don’t feel comfortable). There are mutterings of another degree, perhaps in history and I’m still trying to decide whether or not to do a PhD!

The stage before it all kicked off