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Advent Calendar Opening

Hello lovely blog readers,

Today is December 1st, aka the first day of Advent. You may now put up your tree and hang your stockings.

This year I bought a beauty advent calendar as opposed to the chocolate ones I seem to have every year!


I went with L’Occitane’s rather sweet one as I love their products and thought a mini treat from them every day would brighten up a cold, damp December.


So, let’s see what’s behind door number one!

Ultra rich face cream!

I will most likely be posting these on Instagram so come follow me there, as well as all sorts of Christmas fun and games as we head further into the festive season.


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Advent Calendars for beauty junkies

As a kid all I ever wanted was a chocolate Advent calendar, but my mum, super healthy, no junk food, always said no. That’s not to say we didn’t have nice ones, there was the year my godmother sent beautiful chimney calendars, with little presents in the drawers every day. I still have my beautiful Maria Angel illustrated story calendar – which I use every year.

Last year my Mr brought home a wooden countdown calendar, which is very sweet and will be on display this year too.

But, beauty firms have started releasing advent calendars full of treats that any beauty junkie would be pleased to find every morning.

The ones I most have my eye on are L’Occitane’s (£39 with free delivery) and You Beauty Discovery (£59 with free delivery). I also quite want Lush’s 12 Days of Christmas (not an Advent calendar as such, but definitely on my Christmas list).

You Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar

There are a lot of others, including a Jo Malone one(£250), but some are incredibly expensive. I suppose, depending on budget, you could ask for one as a Christmas gift, that you open on the run up.

L'Occitane's Advent Calendar

Now I know Christmas isn’t about stuff, or presents, and that for people who follow Christian beliefs, sacred and holy. I was raised going to church, I still love the ceremony and go to Midnight Mass every year, but I think that after a year of working hard, doing our bit for the people we love, it’s OK to have a few treats. Especially in the middle of winter when it’s cold and miserable.

Lush's 12 Days of Christmas

Which Advent calendars have you spotted? Will you be buying a beauty packed one?