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Sunday saw me hobbling around London raising money for Refuge. Here’s some photos. 

Tower Bridge
From the modern to the ancient
Tower of London
City Hall, Walkie Talkie, Gherkin
Shakespeare’s Globe
Tate Modern & Millennium Bridge
City of contrasts
Goodie bag
The route

You can still sponsor me (all money goes to Refuge) here: 

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I love a goodie bag

I realise I never shared my 10k goodie bag with you. As well as a medal, everyone who completed the Walk4 Refuge 10k got a bag full of gifts from their sponsors and doners.

It came in a handy canvas bag – perfect now that shops are charging 5p a bag – save the planet people, reuse your bags.

I felt a bit sorry for the men and children who did the walk as these goodies were definitely for women.

As well as a Refuge keyring to match the bag, there’s a hot pink water bottle – which I am clipping to my bike, as I don’t have a cycling one.

Then there’s the beauty spoils – Benefit have a long running sponsor relationship with Refuge and there’s a little They’re Real! Push Up Liner from them in the bag.

Then there’s exciting corporate pens and mints from Shearman & Sterling – which I gather is a law firm.

Other brands that donated are John Freida (Style Creator Styling Spray), Avon (Magic Effects Mineral Crush nail polish in Diamond, a glittery polish), L’Oreal (super liner) and Max Factor (sheer gloss balm).

It’s great to see so many big name brands, brands we probably all own a fee bits and pieces from, contributing to a good cause.


Also featured, mini bubble mix, not featured – the Haribo we were given at the start, they didn’t make it to the finish!


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Regular update – sponsor me

You are going to see a fair few of these posts over the next few months.

I am doing dreaded exercise but as it’s for a good cause, I am actually happy to do.


Walk4 Refuge is in September but I want to exceed my fundraising target so please, sponsor me and help women and children fleeing domestic violence.

Thank you. Your support means a lot.


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Walk 4

This September I am doing a charity walk for an organization I am quite fond of – Refuge.

They are the UK’s biggest domestic abuse charity and support women and children fleeing abusive situations. They receive no government funding and as the Government tighten the country’s collective belts, sadly organisations like Refuge are needed more.

Terrible photo, sorry

I am asking, very nicely, if you could sponsor me. All of the money goes to Refuge, nothing will be in my pocket.

So click here and give whatever you can.

Thank you ladies and gents in advance. I’ll keep you posted.


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#BoldisBeautiful charity walk


On Sunday my friend Janet and I undertook the #boldisbeautiful walk in Central London in support of Refuge and Look Good, Feel Better sponsored by Benefit Cosmetics.


Refuge is a charity I have a lot of time for, having spent the last few years working for a charity that supports victims of crime, and Look Good, Feel Better helps women fighting cancer to learn how to use skincare and make up to boost their confidence despite the changes to their bodies and skin.

This is the first year Benefit have run this, and it shows.

Our route

We were told to wear minimal make up as we would get a makeover en route. This meant a spot of lip gloss and some blusher, which wasn’t quite up to Benefit’s claim.

We were given freebies of sample sized items at each checkpoint and offered others to buy (all proceeds to the charities). As well as a make up bag to keep them in.


There was branded water bottle available, which was definitely needed in the hot sun. Everyone was given a canvas bag to keep their treats in, a pair of comedy glasses, a cape, cookie and T-shirt. We also received a medal at the finish line.


However there were some serious issues.

My friend is a wheelchair user, and parts of the route were so badly planned as to be completely inaccessible. There was a info box on the sign up sheet stating wheelchair users should speak to an organizer, so we did and were told it would be fine. It was not.

Tired, fed up super woman

Then there was the frankly offensive sizing issue with the t-shirts. A medium fitted a four year old girl there with her mum but not any adult women. One girl I spoke too said she was a size 8 but needed a large. The XXL tees ran out incredibly quickly as they were the only ones that fitted anyone comfortably.

XL - are you kidding me??

The average size woman in the UK is a 16, so why order t-shirts for a charity event supporting women that fat shames?? I couldn’t even get the supposed XL over my rugby player shoulders, let alone my boobs. Because of this I felt like I wasn’t really part of anything and seeing the same five generically pretty girls being photographed for all the promotional material was quite frustrating.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and can be victims of domestic abuse or contract cancer regardless. Disabled women are four times more likely to be victimized, their abusers are usually intimate partners or family members who take on caring roles.

There was almost no promotion done, I only knew about it as I’m on Refuge’s mailing list. Janet went into a Benefit store on Saturday and the staff didn’t know it was happening.

Finally. At the end of the walk, a party atmosphere was being encouraged so imagine our horror when Blurred Lines came on over the PA system. At an event supporting Refuge is a song about date rape appropriate?? Is that song ever appropriate?

When I mentioned this on Instagram, Benefit had the cheek to claim it was a public playlist. Clearly it didn’t occur to anyone to vet the playlist and check there wasn’t anything inappropriate on it.

Everything I lugged home

I personally think it was a good idea but just executed a little poorly. Hopefully lessons will be learned and adjustments made to make it feel more inclusive.

My energies are now focused on the 10k London Bridges walk in September for Refuge. Look out for my sponsorship requests. :):)


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Give and Make Up

Every week in the UK 2 women are murdered by their current or ex-partner. A woman will experience 35 incidents of domestic abuse before she calls the police.

Fleeing violence and abuse is a really difficult thing to do, even more so when children are involved. Refuge is a UK based charity that helps women to find a safe place for their children and themselves.

Every Christmas I donate to their present drive, you follow a link on their website to a John Lewis (department store) gift list and select which gifts you want to buy. I usually buy two presents for women and two presents for children.

Most women fleeing abusive relationships leave with little or nothing. Often just the clothes on their backs.

Which brings me to Give and Make Up. Set up by blogger Caroline Hirons in partnership with Refuge, this is a scheme that encourages us to donate unused make up and cosmetics (all those lotions and potions) to women who had to leave everything behind and have nothing.

This is currently only in the UK but it is worth seeing if a similar scheme exists where you are. I have loads of sample size and full size creams I’ve never used and several unused make up palettes cluttering up the place that I will be sending along to Refuge.

Put a smile back on the faces of women who desperately need something to smile about.