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Tabletop Day

April 30th is Tabletop Day, a game for playing board games and other games with your friends, and in our case, eat loads of pizza.

Before the carnage

We’re a bit nerdy and love card and board games, from the classics like Monopoly and Scrabble (not that anyone will play that with me anymore) to fun contemporary games like Cards Against Humanity, Tesla vs. Edison, or Forbidden Desert.

We play cooperative and competitive games, and I always win, even when I don’t.

A bunch of our friends came round, we raided the cupboard for games (we have quite a selection) and set up for a great day of gaming. And pizza, thanks Papa John! Poor delivery guy.

Piles of games

We worked our way through seven board and card games.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks the board game – based on the TV music panel show. Teams compete to answer music themed questions including Intros, Songs in a Sentence, True or False and others. My team won a resounding victory.

Exploding Kittens NSFW edition – I backed the original version of this on Kickstarter and the NSFW was a bonus. In it you compete to avoid being blown up and undermine your competitors. We played three rounds and I won one.

Forbidden Desert – a cooperative game where you work together to find the missing pieces of your airship and reach the launchpad without the storm burying you in sand or anyone running out of water – we lost when my cousin’s canteen ran dry!

Regnum Angelica – there is a war raging between the powers of heaven and hell. You are either angels or the fallen and must battle your way across the board – described by today’s combatants as a bit like American football or chess but better.

Bad Medicine – you play competing drug companies creating new treatments for a variety of bizarre ailments. You must create a cure, then convince your fellow players that this is the best treatment despite some peculiar side effects.

Articulate – this was probably the most classic game we played. We adapted it to make it harder, cutting it from 2 minutes of guessing to just one and we went round the board twice. This was probably the most competitive game we played, luckily we had an umpire to referee all the carrying on.

Cards Against Humanity – known for being a game for horrible people with dark senses of humour, we wrapped our day up with this hugely popular card game. Turns out we’re really twisted. You decide what that means…

My friend Will was today’s overall TableTop Champion, as he won the most rounds individually and in teams. There was no prize except the deep sense of satisfaction winning things provides.

Can’t wait till next year.

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This Is Not A Gift Guide

I was skimming along my twitter timeline the other day and saw a link to another gift guide on some website or other, where a gift was recommended that was “only £4,995”, that “only” just kills me.

A lot of people are struggling at the moment, finances are tight, a shop assistant I spoke to today said that they were still waiting for the Christmas rush, she was worried that if there wasn’t one she’d lose her job.

Five grand is a lot of money, and completely out of many people’s ability as a one off spend on a Christmas present.

Growing up there were times money was tight, when my dad was made redundant, when my mum was not working because she had two small children at home, when my parents bought their house. But we never went without.

We always had presents, I remember getting a new bike one year, and my auntie used to send us dresses every year, which we wore for Christmas day lunch, there were pyjamas, books, board games, toys, but not more than we could actually play with, we certainly weren’t spoiled.

So when I see these completely unrealistic gift guides being promoted, and there are more realistic ones out there, with presents that very few could buy, it makes me cross.

You don’t have to be religious to celebrate Christmas, Jesus was probably born in June and people have celebrated the solstice/yule etc for thousands of years, but it shouldn’t be all about stuff.

We’ve become too materialistic, yes I blog about beauty products, but I am also passionate about things that matter, I’m a proud feminist, I speak out against injustices, I am currently furious about the foul way some people treat other members of their communities due to race or religion.

Christmas, for me anyway, is about family, friends, being together, doing things like decorating the house, eating a meal, watching cheesy films, together.

Not about how much stuff you get, or how much money you spend.

So, I won’t be suggesting gifts, I won’t be telling you that spending £4,995 on a gift shows someone how much you love them. Just be with them, do things together.


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Make It Craft Fair 27 Feb – 1 March


This Saturday just gone Cal and I went to a craft fair with my friend Ruth, her husband and their little girls.
Held in a huge tent at Farnborough airport, the fair featured dozens of suppliers, workshops, talks, try-it-yourself stations, with dozens of different crafts represented, from knitting to woodwork, metal sculpting to lace making.

I splurged on crafty bits, from buttons, to gorgeous purple yarn and other little bits. I also bought a new cutting tool and a build it yourself 3D advent calendar for Cal and I to work on together (he makes minature planes and things).


It was really interesting to see all the different crafts people do, and to see some wonderful examples. I bought a felting kit to make some Easter bunnies (new skill or giant mess?).

It was also lovely to catch up with my friend, we went to school together and now she runs her own knitting business em or

Her girls are very cute, aged 5 and 3. We bought them a cookie each – it was the size of her youngest daughter’s face, and they seemed to enjoy themselves a lot more than that. I also took on a new opportunity (more on that to come).