Spotlight On: Secret Santa Claus Club – Jeff Janke

Secret Santa Claus Club is a book about a little girl looking back at each Christmas and remembering the magic of the holiday. Toward the end of the book, she starts to doubt Santa Claus, but she isn’t ready to learn the truth just yet. The next year she’s ready to know, and her parents invite her to be part of the Secret Santa Claus Club. She learns that even though Santa Claus isn’t a real person, the magic of Christmas still exists through giving and creating magic. She realizes that her parents were Santa Claus the whole time, and how much work they did to make her holiday special. The very end of the book has rules of the Club, which include keeping the secret and helping spread the magic to believers. 

Jeff Janke is a single dad who considers himself more of a problem solver than an author. When his daughter started questioning Santa, he wrote a book to help guide her from a world of believing in Santa to a community of truly becoming Santa. When his daughter wanted to invite other friends into the club (after they learned the secret), and after lots of encouragement from friends and family who have faced the same dilemma, he decided to publish Secret Santa Claus Club to help other parents and children too!

Visit Jeff at his website Instagram

Buy a copy for Christmas – Amazon US

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