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Poleaxed – further information from the author

Last week I reviewed Poleaxed as part of a blog tour and the author, Professor Peter Tyrer got in touch to provide some more information regarding the book and his writing of it.

‘There are three aspects of the Poleaxed story that are relevant to the COVID pandemic of today. The first is that when little is known even the medical experts end up arguing and do not present a united front. We have seen this repeatedly in the last few months. Then there is the curious paradox of lockdown, or, in the case of the town in the novel, total quarantine, making some people very upset and others quite pleased as they can exploit the situation. Exactly the same pattern is found in Albert Camus’ famous novel La Peste (The Plague).

The third aspect is coming out in the condition known as Long COVID. This is one of the unpleasant long-term consequence of infection, sometimes after an initial mild episode. We do not know enough about this yet but it is clear that mental as well as physical health are compromised. This is a key part of Poleaxed.

So, as one of my correspondents has put it, this novel is not a dystopian thriller but a real life thriller, and we are living through it at present.

Thank you to Peter for providing this insight and connecting his novel to the current circumstances we find ourselves in.

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