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The Beauty Knowledge Tag

I’ve seen this popping up on lots of different blogs and Twitter feeds. The answers are often pretty hilarious. 

For this tag you need a partner or friend who doesn’t use make up or know much about it. I am using the Mr as my guinea pig. He doesn’t get my interest in make up at all. Let’s see what knowledge he has absorbed. 
đź’‹What are these different beauty products and techniques? 

đź’‹Bronzer – giving a tanned appearance 

đź’‹Blusher – making your cheeks pink like a doll

đź’‹Mascara – making eyelashes black and curly 

đź’‹Eyeliner – making your eyes look more Egyptian 

đź’‹Strobing – something to do with disco

đź’‹Eyeshadow – colouring your eyes in 

đź’‹Powder – do you put that on your face? Is it like manual photoshop?

đź’‹Foundation – like a base coat 

đź’‹Concealer – covers spots and blemishes

đź’‹Setting Spray – like varnish or hairspray for your face?

đź’‹Contouring – using your make up to give your face different shapes?

đź’‹Primer – another base coat

đź’‹Lip liner – makes lips look happy 

đź’‹Brow pencil – drawing on your eyebrows after you stupidly shaved them off. 

đź’‹Serum – watering down make up to apply an even coat

đź’‹Cleanser – taking your make up off

đź’‹Micellar Water – no idea, is it for cleaning your face?

đź’‹Toner- matching your make up to your skin tone

đź’‹Was this test hard? Not really, I think I knew a lot. 

đź’‹Why? You didn’t ask for an essay and I had no idea about some of them. Did I win something? Is there a prize? 

I then had to explain what everything was, he still doesn’t get the point of most of these products. He still wants a prize. Bless him. 

If you want to do this tag, go for it. Let me know in the comments, I’d love to see if your partners and friends do any better. 

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