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Waxbox – September

So soggy season has started, it’s rained pretty much every day and I am seriously thinking about cranking up the heating. Good thing out boiler was serviced last week.

One of my favourite things about the days getting shorter is being able to light candles and use my wax melter (a birthday present from last year) to fill the flat with warmth and delicious smells.

As you all know I’m a fan of subscription boxes (mostly because I’m lazy) and Waxbox is perfect for those long winter nights heading our way in the Northern hemisphere.


For £15 a month a box of specially selected candles and wax tarts arrives at your door. You can pay monthly or 3 months in advance.


This was my first box and it’s been packed with care. There’s even a card addressed to me welcoming me to their service.


Inside is a lovely smell, made up of different fragrances.


Pomegranate natural wax melts


Soy wax melt in Raisin Bread


Baked Apple wax melt


Angel Whisper wax melt


Frosted Forest candle tin



The products come from different brands, most of which have their websites printed on the packaging so you can check them out and try other scents.

In terms of scent – the baked apple smells like Christmas and will most likely be used to perfume the depths of a wet English winter. The pomegranate one isn’t particularly strong but I think it’s one that deepens as it melts.

Angel Whisper is a subtle smell, I think I can detect jasmine in there, it’s quite a clean smell too.

I don’t like raisins very much and I don’t like the scent of raisin bread much either.

The frosted forest candle is a lovely green colour but not as strong a scent as I thought it would be once I got the lid off.

I look forward to seeing what other scents Waxbox sends out in the next few months.


Remember to never leave lit flames unattended and never let children play with fire.


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