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Gaya Cosmetics Review


Gaya is an Italian vegan (no animals were tested upon) cosmetics firm newly launched in the UK. At the moment their products are only available on Amazon. Their range includes skincare, make up and those all important brushes. 

Quick disclaimer: I was lucky enough to be invited to test two of their products in the run up to their full UK launch but my review here will be unbiased and my honest opinion of the products I tested.


Primer  (£32.99) – this is not something I regularly use so I was interested in seeing what difference this would make to my make up routine and application.
The bottle is rather pleasing to look at, not too fussy a design – simple and elegant. A lot of my make up lots like either a kid’s colouring set (I do love an eye crayon or a chubby stick) or incredibly plain and boring, except all the glitter. This looks grown up and makes a nice addition to the dressing table (in my case, shelf).

I had to pump the nozzle a few times before anything came out, but as this was the first use I actually rather preferred that to it all oozing out.

You only need a really tiny amount so this will last ages, I applied it with my fingers, but you could use a sponge if you prefer.

It went on very easily, and left a smooth, soft finish. I applied it as per the directions, over my moisturiser, and it added another layer of moisture to my dry skin.

It did make applying my CC cream and foundation smoother, my moisturiser soaks in fast so this left a smooth, silky surface to work with.

I have really sensitive skin and this did not cause any upset, which was definitely a bonus to me. I will probably use it again and may even decide to buy it once I run out.


The other item I was given to try was an eyeshadow powder in shade F23 (£12.99 currently discounted  – normally £18). This is a light gold/bronze shade, there is a wide range of other colours to choose from.


As I like to layer my eyeshadow up, this was a great colour to work with.

Again the packaging is rather elegant with a wooden lid embossed in gold. This will also look grown up and rather attractive on the dressing table or shelf.


The only problem I had was that as the pot was super packed with powder I had trouble getting it out of the tiny holes. I usually use eyeshadows in cake form, either in a palette or solo, whereas this was a very fine powder.


Using a soft eyeshadow brush, not a sponge applicator, I swept it over my lids, building up the colour in layers. Finished with gold glitter liner and mascara, my eyes looked bright but not overdone or too heavy for daytime.

The pot is very generously filled, so you definitely get your money’s worth. Again I will most probably continue to use it, but may not purchase it as I own other eyeshadows in similar shades.

These are not cheap products but I feel you get value for money. From a quick google of their ingredients it looks like they go for quality and as they are vegan, not tested on animals and in good quality packaging, it’s understandable. I don’t know if I would willingly spend the money but you get what you pay for.


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