blogging, upcoming




Just wanted to talk about upcoming things on the blog.
I will still blog about beauty boxes, beauty in general, books, baking and, invariably shoes (I love shoes).
But I have other interests and things I want to blog about, and as this is my blog, I will.
If you aren’t interested in a post I’ve written, skip it and come back when I write about something you keen to read about. There will always be variety.

For example, I want to talk about feminism and what it means to me, or learning yoga, or my journey through the minefield of depression and anxiety, shoes (seriously, I love shoes), trips, events, days out, why people are incapable of walking at anything but snail’s pace (my pet peeve), my new diet and healthy lifestyle, why snails make me cry and why geese are evil!
So stay tuned, keep an eye on the post tags, check out what’s new, say hi, and admire shoes with me (mmmm, new season, new shoes). 🙂



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